Home MOT

To identify future maintenance and make sure your home is safe, we carry out a  periodic ‘MOT’. We do this at the same time as the external cyclical decoration survey. We will write to offer an appointment. We’ll also give contact details for the surveyor in case you need to rearrange the appointment.

The visit will include

» A gas safety audit. Our gas engineer will check that the last gas safety check was carried out satisfactorily.
» A periodic electrical safety check. An electrician will carry out the statutory electrical safety check in your property and issue an electrical safety certificate.
» An insulation survey. Our contractor, Osborne Energy, will assess the insulation in the loft and the draught excluder around the windows and doors and recommend any necessary improvements.
» An asbestos survey. Our surveyor will carry out an asbestos survey and identify any asbestos in your home and provide guidance on its maintenance.
» A linked fire alarm check. Our fire alarm contractor will test the fire alarms in your home, if they are linked to a communal system.
» A common area fire risk assessment. Our surveyor will survey the common areas in your property and produce a fire risk assessment of the area.
» A stock condition survey. Our surveyor will carry out a survey of all the major elements in your home, such as kitchen and bathroom fittings and assess when they should be replaced.
» An Energy Performance Certificate survey. Our surveyor will carry out an energy survey of your home and issue you with a certificate, which will give you details about the energy costs in your home.