Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you must check your tenancy agreement for your agreed notice period. Most of our tenancies have a 4 weeks’ notice period.

Notice periods start on a Monday. If you give us your notice on a Thursday we will count four weeks from the following Monday.

Your notice needs to be put in writing and signed by you. No one else from your household can end your tenancy.

We will contact you to confirm we have received your notice and to make arrangements to visit you at your home.

At the end of the notice period you need to hand in all sets of keys you were given at the tenancy start including any keys for back doors and windows. This is part of formally ending the tenancy.

Keys need to be with us at Mulliner House, Flanders Road W4 1NN by Monday 9.30am. You will also need sign a tenancy termination form and you may need to speak to a income officer.

Keys need to be handed in by the tenant in person. No one other than the tenant can end the tenancy at our office.

If you return the keys after 9.30am on Monday you may be charged for another week’s rent.

Please ask a member of our housing team for further information and advice.