Is your home bigger than you need? Is it becoming too hard to manage? Have you considered moving to a smaller home? It could really help you as smaller homes are easier to manage, you pay less rent and your bills are lower.

Family sized properties in London are at a premium. This has resulted in thousands of families in London living in overcrowded conditions.  We have over 200 families living in overcrowded households.

In April 2013 the Government reduced the amount of Housing Benefit given to households that are living in properties bigger than they need. 

We are here to help you if you would like to move to a smaller home. If you live in a home that is too big for your needs, you could be eligible for our downsizing scheme.

We will provide you with a dedicated officer who will help you in looking for a new home. You will also receive a higher priority on the transfer system. We also offer support and advice on finding removal companies and the re-connection and disconnection of services.

What we can offer you

If you have more rooms than you need and want to move, we can offer you:

» £1000 for giving up one bedroom;

» £1500 for giving up two bedtooms;

» £2000 for giving up three bedrooms.

We can also help with your removal costs and disconnecting/ re-connecting your utilities.